Ukrainian-Russian scientific-research project

Ukrainian-Russian scientific-research project “Evaluation of uneven and cyclical dynamics of socio-economic development of regions of Ukraine and Russia”

Project Manager from Ukrainian side is prof., head of department «Economic Cybernetics” KNUE Klebanova Tamara Semenovna (Research Center of Industrial Problems of Development of NAS of Ukraine). From the Russian side is prof., head of department «Economic Cybernetics and economic-mathematical methods” SPGUEF Svetunkov Sergey G. (Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics).

The main executors of the project:

The project aims to develop a set of models based on antisipativniy approach to the management of regional systems, the use of which will significantly improve the quality of decision-making for security and sustainable economic development of individual regions and the country as a whole.

Expected scientific and practical results of the project:

  • Conceptual diagram of the relationship of the evaluation and analysis of the socio-economic development of territories based on antisipativniy approach which assess the extent of uneven economic space of Ukraine and Russia, allows to adjust the direction of the regional policy to ensure better level of management of socio-economic development of regions;
  • Complex of models of quantifying the socio-economic development level of regions which is based on the spatial and dynamic factor analysis, methods of taxonomy, panel data models, and which allows the background analysis of the trends of social and economic development of the regions, and estimation of the probability of increased inter-regional socio-economic disparities;
  • Complex of models for analysis of inter-regional social and economic differentiation that is based on modern methods of classification, econometric modeling, that will determine the types of asymmetrical regional development, sources of imbalance in economic development of the regions of Ukraine and Russia;
  • Methodical approach and guidelines for the analysis of trends to strengthen the uneven socio-economic development of regions which are threats to economic stability and safe of Ukraine and Russia.

The forecast of project results’ usage

The main results of the project are planned to use in the preparation of analytical materials that can be used to develop strategies for socio-economic development of the Main Department of Economy of regional state administrations.

The main results of the project were published in numerous articles and monographs.

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