The favorite department’s site migration

A UFO arrived and migrated our site to another server, configured HTTPS, improved its performance a bit and corrected minor problems.

If you notice any problems, please write us.

How do you like it, Elon Musk?


We have a new website: gratitude!

The Department of economic Cybernetics Simon Kuznets KhNEU has a new website!


And the most important that this website was created by our students (“hand-made!”)

I would like to thank 3rd year students, speciality “Economic cybernetics” :

  • Zarzhetskyi Vladislav – administrator, main developer. He is a person who swears a lot at first and then create a miracle. If this “bike” rides, it`s only thanks to Vladislav.
  • Stokaz Dmytro – creation and placement of content. Dmytro was responsible for the fact that Vlad didn`t become crazy, was working as a Muse, have just worked a lot ,was not afraid to make teachers work if there were some problems with creating content, for this Dmytro deserves respect.
  • Matsyura Dmytro – markup, content.
  • Bocharova Julia – content.
  • Litvinenko Kristina – content, graphics.
  • Vetlugina Larisa – content.

New logo of the Department and the best banners, was drew by the student of 1 course of a magistracy Stepanova Alina.

Photographs of teachers from Anna Kholmanskih – 2nd year of a magistracy.

Thanks for moral leadership and the wonderful lecture about Scrum methodology and working with YouTrack to Alexey Balykov.

Thanks to me for: collecting of content “worring” everyone and everything (we call this coordination, guys!!), for training insane customer.

And most important: huge thanks to Yatsenko Roman, who taught us everything, created an idea of new website, formed a team, organized process of our work. Thank you!

P.S. Of course the website was not written in one night. You can view more HERE, here Roman described the entire history of Department website.

Ivahnenko O.V.