Models of decision-making

State budget theme “Models of decision-making in multi-level economic systems in the conditions of transformation“, current research.

In the process of the research proposed mechanisms and models for evaluation and analysis of perturbations in socio-economic systems, models of decision-making in conflict situations, governance model, financial sustainability of the enterprise model of valuation of enterprise, models of assessment of socio-economic development of the region, models of management level of enterprise development, model evaluation of the usefulness of remedial solutions, evaluation models and analysis of the social protection system, the model of competitiveness of enterprise structures model selection of priority innovation projects in the region, models of formation of price policy of the enterprise.

Your results introduced in the learning process and are used in presenting the disciplines of mathematical cycle in particular disciplines “Methods of economic and statistical studies”, “Actual problems of modeling the economy”, “Methods of forecasting”, “decision making Methods”.

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