Cyclical dynamics of the economy

Fundamental research theme of “Cyclic dynamics of Ukrainian economy and modeling of socio-economic development” (state registration number 0106U003213), year of graduation – 2008.

Members of the Department took part in scientific-research work on “Cyclical dynamics of Ukraine’s economy and modeling of socio-economic development” jointly with the research centre of industrial problems of development of NAS of Ukraine. The main results of research on the subject, received with the direct participation of members of the Department belong to the following: the proposed simulation model of state financial regulation of socio-economic development of regions, which allows to assess the impact of different variants of distribution of budget investments, subsidies, the subsidies to the regions and to choose the financial policy that ensures steady growth of the national economy while reducing the interregional socio-economic differentiation; scenarios of changes in economic characteristics of the regional systems (if the priority financial support of the regions with a high level of socio-economic development, a priority financial support of regions with low level of socio-economic development, uniform financial support of regions), whose analysis allowed to confirm the hypothesis that in the conditions of cyclical downturns to the greatest effect results in financial regulation compensatory development of regional systems.

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